We can--almost--, finally...breathe.

I can't believe it.

As I sit here tonight and think back on the months gone by... all the planning, changes, decisions, and near nervous breakdowns :-) ... it's been an adventure! But... we can almost see the finish line! We are almost ready for a "Grand Opening", but we have had certainly had many grand experiences along the way.


We are so blessed with our wonderful location (and Landlord!), across the street from the famous landmark restaurants, Maynard's and Bayside in Excelsior... and we can see the heavenly Lake Minnetonka from our front windows. Every day, we feel like we aren't heading to 'work', we are at 'home', or at the cabin... relaxed, doing what we love in a beautiful environment!


We've been open 'by appointment only' for over two months now, and our clients have been the best part of this journey. We LOVE seeing each and every one come through our door... and the transformations, oh... the real life 'before and afters'... standing here in our clinic. Oh my. It's what this MedSpa is all about. There is no greater feeling than to see the joy on our client's faces. Again... is this work?


We know we have something special here in our little MedSpa on Excelsior Boulevard. I believe it's a combination of many things, our state of the art technology, products...but mainly, my staff. Passionate, caring, skilled, attentive and focused on education... and results. Oh, and fun. We do like to have fun here!

We can't wait to meet you...drop by soon to take a tour and visit us!

Complexions Skincare MedSpa - The Complexions Lips Signature

P.S. I cannot forget to thank and appreciate my graphic designer, Leesa Dykstra. She totally 'got me' from the get go. She listened, understood, and delivered... the classy logo and design we hoped for our business! She is wonderful. Thanks for putting up with me Leesa!