Glowing Hydrated Skin Is IN.

Want in on a Hollywood secret for the most radiant and glowing skin possible?  Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials!

The Intraceuticals proprietary Intra-LayeringTM technology uses synergistic weights of hyaluronic acid combined with antioxidants and vitamins to deeply hydrate skin.  This innovative in-clinic treatment uses oxygen under pressure to introduce the revolutionary Intraceuticals serums to the skin.  The results?  Instant and unparalleled!  

1st And Only in Minnesota.

We are so proud to be the first (and only) clinic to partner with Intraceuticals!  We love offering our clients a clinically proven product line and a treatment that is like no other.  

It's the perfect facial for a bride and her bridal party... it's also great for the GROOM!  Men LOVE Intraceuticals! Relaxing, rejuvenating, WOW results!